Hi, I'm Nicole Akong, and it is my privilege to share with you everything I have learnt, discovered and mastered about designing and making outstanding pieces of costume jewellery, with nothing more than a few simple tools and a wealth of imagination.

Introducing Akong's Jewellers Bootcamps

In her Jewellers Bootcamps, Nicole will guide you through all the tools and construction techniques she used to create all of her iconic jewellery designs, from Beginners to Professional, so that you can start creating your own pieces of statement jewellery from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are a complete beginner to jewellery, or are already a serious hobbyist jeweller, there is a Bootcamp designed specifically for you.

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3 levels of comprehensive jewellery-making training

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Learn how Nicole turned her passion for jewellery-making into a successful business

Introducing Akong's Jewellers Masterclasses

In her Jewellers Masterclasses, Nicole guides you through the most common challenges of starting and running a fashion jewellery business that new designers ask her about.

Try Nicole's Project Tutorials

In Nicole's project tutorials, she shows you how to recreate some of her iconic signature jewellery styles at home, with detailed step-by-step videos.